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Company History

1975 – Harold McKamish founded McKamish Metals, Inc., a sheet metal contractor.

1979 – Name change to McKamish Chesapeake after the purchase of a sheet metal company in Baltimore, MD.

1980 – Started McKamish Mechanical, to service customers with HVAC and piping needs.

1983 – Spun off the Baltimore Company. Founder Harold McKamish leaves to start a new venture in Arizona. David McKamish becomes President.

1985 – McKamish Chesapeake sets out to become full-service mechanical contractor, all subsidiaries rolled into “one company” umbrella.

1986 – Started in-house plumbing services, building on the full-service mechanical strategy.

1991 – Started the Service Group, completing the full-service mechanical strategy.

1994 – Established our current Vision statement and corporate Values.

2001 – Dropped “Chesapeake” from corporate name to become McKamish, Inc.

2009 – Became a leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM).

2010 – Invested in new Customer Portal to better serve customers with McKamish Service contracts, allowing customers to access real-time data on their building systems and controls.

2012 – Implementing focused business plan to grow McKamish’s Power & Industrial Group.

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