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McKamish is known for our excellence in mechanical contracting, particularly plumbing and HVAC installation projects. Many people are surprised to learn that McKamish has significant, in-house capabilities and robust fabrication facilities at our headquarters in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Our 115,000-square-foot on-site fabrication shop, warehouse and shipping facility allows us to fabricate, assemble, stage and ship even the most complex piping or ductwork projects. 

With 30 feet of overhead clearance and two 50-ton overhead cranes, we’re equipped to handle fabrication of the largest industrial scrubbers or furnaces, which ship directly from our facility.

McKamish corporate offices are located steps from our fabrication shops.  The three-story headquarters contains office, training and conference space, a full in-house BIM facility, as well as a fitness center, where fitness trainers and dietitians are available to our employees daily.  


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