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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is McKamish located?
A: 50 55th Street, Pittsburgh PA 15201

Q: What are McKamish's areas of focus?
A: McKamish is divided into four Work Groups; Commercial Construction (including HVAC and plumbing), Power & Industrial, Metal Fabrication, and Service.

Q: When was McKamish founded?
A: McKamish was founded in 1975 as McKamish Metals by Harold McKamish.

Q: How many people does McKamish employ?
A: McKamish employs 275-375 people.

Q: Are you a Union shop?
A: Yes, we are affiliated with three primary trade unions. Pipefitters, Plumbers, and Sheet Metal Workers.

Q: What differentiates McKamish?
A: Our people, quality of work, client partnerships, and drive for excellence differentiate us.

Q: What kind of customers or projects are the best fit for McKamish?
A: McKamish does best with clients who want to form a long-term partnership with us. While we certainly service all types of jobs -- large, small, short-term and long-term -- we feel we deliver the most value to our customers with complex projects that require our team's expert skills.


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