Metal Fabrication Group

Businesses We Serve

The McKamish Metal Fabrication Group serves a wide variety of customers, who all have a need for quality craftsmanship, exacting specifications and customization.
  • Babcock & Wilcox – Serving key customers in the power industry, McKamish offers complex fabricated components for a variety of applications.
  • Busch International – McKamish supplies the key customer with large fabrications for the energy, metals, and process industries.
  • ProSlide – McKamish is one of the largest manufacturers of steel components of the water park industry in North America. We’re proud of our long-standing customer relationship with ProSlide … and pleased to support summer fun.
  • Siemens -- McKamish is a key supplier of large air-scrubber components including hoppers, plenums, tubesheets, air piping manifolds, tanks and furnaces.
  • Six Flags – McKamish manufactures the core structural steel supports for some of the world’s largest waterpark amusement rides. Six Flags is a long-standing customer that counts on the strength and accuracy of the McKamish team’s work.
  • V&M Star Steel – McKamish supplies components including critical piping supports, flues and ducts.
  • Westinghouse – McKamish has built critical components for system testing and verification.

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