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Safety: Our Top Priority

McKamish is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for its employees,
subcontractors, vendors and anyone present at construction sites.  McKamish consistently and continually scores better on its safety ratings than industry requirements. Safety is and will continue to be the number-one priority in every step of the construction process for managers, supervisors and field personnel. 

In an effort to attain and maintain a focus on safety, the company conducts ongoing trainings for all McKamish employees.  Led by Safety Director Ralph Natale, MD, CSHM, the company’s safety efforts include:

  • Establishing an open line of communication for all individuals with concerns regarding safety and health.
  • Encouraging all employees to understand that safety is part of their work responsibilities and that they will be responsible and held accountable for their own safety, as well as the safety of others working with them.
  • Planning ahead to ensure that safe and efficient methods are developed for work activities and procedures.
  • Coordinating work activities with other contractors to eliminate possible conflicts that may endanger the safety and health of McKamish employees and all other individuals.

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