MTAM Module Fabrication

McKamish was selected as the piping contractor for three sets of Multi-Tier-Auxiliary Modules (MTAM's) for the Milan Power Plant.


The Milan Power Plant generates electricity using three natural gas powered Roll-Royce reciprocating engine sets. McKamish was contracted to fabricate, assemble, test, paint and deliver three sets of the MTAM’s. Each set of MTAM was comprised of four stackable modules containing all of the auxiliary equipment, interconnect piping, and control systems required for the engines. Each MTAM consisted of a structural steel framework, housing pumps, filters, heat exchangers, valves, and all the required interconnecting piping. The entire project was detailed, fabricated and delivered to the project site approximately 12 weeks after receipt of order. To accomplish this McKamish utilized off-site fabrication areas, multiple shifts and weekends.        


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