McKamish is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, subcontractors, vendors and the general public. 


Safety is at the core of the McKamish culture. It is the center of focus for our management, supervision and support personnel in every step of the construction process including design, fabrication and installation. McKamish approaches each day with the goal of “Zero Accidents Today.” This is achieved by the use of Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s), which identify potential hazards in each job task every day and are used to analyze the safest way to complete the job. McKamish developed the “30 for 30 for 30” principle as a reminder for our employees to take 30 seconds, every 30 minutes to look 30 feet around you. This coupled with the JSA process results in fewer injuries, more efficient work methods and increased worker productivity.

McKamish employs two full-time Safety Professionals who prepare, monitor and mitigate potential hazards by taking a proactive approach to every jobsite. Led by Safety Director, Anthony Frangione, McKamish provides ongoing safety trainings for all McKamish employees.

David McKamish, President & CEO:

"In every minute of every day, we need to be mindful of safety. McKamish employees, our subcontractors, other contractors and clients are extremely important to us. We want everyone to return home after a day's work to their family without incident."