From servicing your business’s equipment to building one of the greenest sky rises in the world, McKamish has the capabilities to handle your mechanical construction needs.

Our company has been innovative in modular assemblies and prefabrication since our founding in 1975. McKamish self performs all work relating to HVAC, plumbing, piping and specialty metal systems. We utilize our 100,000 square foot production facility for the prefabrication of all of our projects, including complex piping or ductwork systems specific to our customers’ needs. With thirty feet of overhead clearance and four overhead cranes, we’re equipped to handle the prefabrication of the largest commercial and industrial projects.

We utilize lean construction methods to identify opportunities for prefabrication during the pre-planning and coordination phases of a project through our advanced in-house BIM department. Our fabrication drawings come directly from the model ensuring a quality and accurate product. In addition, our up-front coordination of a project leads to a more efficient installation by assembling as many components in the shop as possible, and bagging and tagging all of the remaining components of the work. This process leaves less to chance by utilizing our controlled environment, reducing crew sizes on site and lending to an overall safer jobsite.

Whether you are in need of a sole source contractor from design to prefabrication to installation, or are in need of just fabrication services, McKamish is experienced in fabricating systems and modules and shipping them nationwide. 

Our capabilities in prefabrication include, but are not limited to:
  • Pre-piping equipment 
  • Modular assemblies
  • Multi-trade racks (including outside contractors)
  • Medical gas racks
  • Riser piping and ductwork systems
  • Pre-piping VAVs
  • In-wall plumbing
  • Plumbing fixtures

McKamish is a leader in prefabricating and staging of work to enable a safe, efficient installation in the field. For our clients, this means an improved schedule with less material going to waste.